Species: Vietelmis jablonskii Kodada, Sangpradub, Somnark, Grula, Ziak & Freitag, 2017
Phylum: Arthropoda
Class: Insecta
  Order: Coleoptera
   Family: Elmidae
    Genus: Vietelmis
Collection specimen
 - Male adult: Naturhistorisches Museum, Wien, Austria
     - 1 male adult: Collection of Department of Biology

V. jablonskii is characterised by the following features: (1) parameres very strongly narrowed in apical third, acuminate, with long and conspicuous setae; (2) penis strongly and abruptly narrowed apically with tip acuminate; (3) metatibia with strong tibial spur; (4) claws of forelegs short, one quarter as long as terminal tarsomere. The species obviously occurs in low densities and is probably rare (Kodada, et al., 2017).


Dorsal view of male Vietelmis jablonskii

Habitat: The holotype was collected in a shallow, meandering tributary stream of the Nam Song River near Nassom village; sampling was performed in gravel substrate. The paratype specimen from Thailand was collected from the Yakruae stream, a heterogeneous channel morphology with cobble and gravel deposits, blank bedrock, as well as decaying leaf litter deposits. In general it flows only moderately fast, with slow pool sections, interrupted by riffles and run sections with distinctly higher current velocity. The specimen was retrieved from bottom gravel.

 - Phetchabun Province: Nam Nao National Park

Work cited:
 - Kodada, J., Sangpradub, N., Somnark, R., Grula, D., Žiak, D., and Freitag, H. 2017. Vietelmis jablonskii, a new species of riffle beetle from Laos and Thailand and new faunistic records on Vietelmis Delève, 1968 from Malaysia (Coleoptera: Elmidae). Zootaxa 4268 (1): 131–140.

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